In launching this site, I wanted to to do more then just have a place to promote myself and post my songs or songs I’ve written with other people, so I’ve added a blog.

I’m guessing most people are not like me, seeing that there is a lot of blogs around. I’m not much of a reader, not very fond of it. I’m a bit too impatient unless it’s for self-help or it’s to learn something. I know some people like to read as entertainment for hours upon hours! I haven’t progressed to that yet, so in getting this blog going, I hope to provide more information and experiences rather then a Facebook post or a rant about how someone’s pissed me off for the 35th time in a 24 hour period, or what sandwich I’m eating for lunch. I do look forward to interacting with y’all, and hopefully we can learn things from each other and share positive or negative experiences with songwriting, performing, and also with recording, producing and equipment. So if this sounds like it’s up your alley, I hope you follow along and we’ll enjoy the ride together!